Market Commentary: Another October Bottom?

Stocks had a solid late-week reversal higher, even as many worries and concerns piled up. From the U.S. House not having a speaker for the first time ever, to yields soaring, to deficits and spending, the list of worries was high. But there’s an old saying that the market tends to rally on …

Facts Vs Feelings Take 5 – Why There Won’t Be a Crash in October

October has had some of the market’s biggest crashes. Will that happen this year? Carson Group’s Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick and VP, Global Macro Strategist Sonu Varghese share their takes on this and more. Highlights include: • The economy is doing better than expected • We’ve had …

Estate Planning Checklist

No matter how few your assets or how extensive your properties, an estate plan will help you preserve your legacy and provide clarity to your surviving family. Our estate planning checklist can help you start the process and tick those important boxes on your way to confidence about the fut …

Why Do I Need a Will? Everything You Need to Know

By Beth Schanou, JD, CExP, Senior Wealth Planner Who wants to spend an afternoon thinking about their mortality? No one, which is why more than half of Americans don’t even have a will.

Market Commentary: Why Stocks Could Rally by Year End

After the S&P 500 experienced its best seven-month start to the year since 1997, stocks pulled back in the historically troublesome months of August and September. Although unenjoyable for investors, the slump may be necessary to set stocks up for a year-end rally.

Facts Vs Feelings Take 5 – Will the Bull Come Back When September Ends

Good riddance to August and September (at least, investing-wise). Will the bull come back when September ends? Carson Group’s Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick and VP, Global Macro Strategist Sonu Varghese discuss the latest news in markets and investing. Highlights include: • What could …

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