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Published by Ryan Cooley

Life doesn’t slow down for anyone, which often means there is plenty of change to keep up with. And when it comes to your money, two things bring some major change. First, the markets can be confusing and natural cycles of volatility can cause ups and downs in your savings. Second, life transitions and milestones, like having a baby or starting a new career, can alter your priorities. And if the impact of these changes is not addressed, they can wreak havoc on your financial plan.

A financial review could make a world of difference and help you reevaluate your strategies and plans to make sure they align with your values and goals.

Does this resonate with you or anyone you know? 

Review And Reevaluate

Think of a financial review as an annual physical exam from your doctor to make sure your health is optimal. During our checkup with your friend or family member, we’ll take the time to get to know them and become familiar with their unique financial situation. We’ll ask them to outline their financial goals and review their current plan, 401(k), investment portfolio, insurance policies, and more. We believe that their story is key to our planning process. This initial understanding allows us to get on the same page and start customizing a financial road map to set them on their way toward pursuing their goals. 

We’ll also answer any questions they may have about the market, strategies and safeguards, or basic financial tips and principles. Then we’ll combine all their concerns, ideas, and dreams to make sure they line up with their current plan.

Don’t Leave Anything To Chance

As life progresses, many changes take place. Therefore, periodically reassessing goals and strategies is vital. Once we have a complete understanding of your friend or family member’s current goals and financial situation, we can work together to evaluate and adjust. We will also consider upcoming milestones, such as major purchases, marriage, children, education, or retirement, to determine how their finances in the future might be affected. If we think everything continues to be well suited to their long-term goals despite fluctuations in the market or personal life changes, we’ll gladly tell them so and send them on their way.

If, on the other hand, we discover gaps in their plan and find it no longer fits their financial goals, we’ll explain why without resorting to complicated jargon. And, if they’d like, we’ll recommend some alternatives. It may be that minor adjustments are needed based on their age, current economic woes, or a change in priorities and plans. 

It never hurts to have a professional take a second look at their financial plan to ensure that it’s up to date, still applicable, and designed to make progress toward their long-term dreams. Regardless of the outcome of our second look, we hope they will have full confidence in us, their decisions, and their financial plan. 

Do You Know Someone Who Needs This?

We’re proud to say that many of our clients are referrals from other clients. Over the years, we’ve built strong and long-lasting relationships with clients who not only trust us to manage their money, but also trust us enough to refer their loved ones. More than just an advisor, we also aim to serve as an objective guide, a shoulder to lean on, a financial teacher, coach, and professional to be relied upon for honest advice. Letting someone else know about your exceptional experience working with Jacob William Advisory is the highest compliment you can give us.

If you know someone who would benefit from a financial review, send them our way, and let us help them evaluate where they are now, determine where they would like to go, and address any apparent gaps. And, of course, feel free to book an appointment for yourself if you think you may be due for a checkup. Contact our office by calling 410-821-6724 or emailing [email protected]

About Ryan

Ryan Cooley is an Associate Wealth Advisor at Jacob William Advisory, a wealth management firm whose sole mission is to serve their clients’ needs beyond their expectations. Ryan has a military background as a U.S. Army Infantryman, and he applies the values and character traits he learned through his experience to his role as a financial advisor. To this day, Ryan is passionate about veterans’ issues and holds a seat on the Advisory Board for Operation Second Chance and is a lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans organization. Ryan obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics and his MBA from the University of Maryland. Outside of the office, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Germaine, and their two wonderful children. He currently resides in Urbana, Maryland, and loves to fish, hunt, cook, watch Maryland Terrapin sports, and cheer his son and daughter on in all of their activities. To learn more about Ryan, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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