Building Wealth to Managing Wealth

Published by Mark Ring

You Did It!

You Worked Hard!

You Managed your Spending!

You Built Yourself a Nice Portfolio!

What Now?

Do you continue with the same plan, if you have one?

Do you change course and lifestyle, or enjoy your hard-earned efforts?

Do you have the ability to take more risks?

Do you make gifts to your kids or contribute to charities?


You’ve spent all this time working to accumulate wealth, now what? It can be very difficult to switch one’s mindset from accumulating wealth to managing wealth. It’s not always about retirement or making major changes in your life. Rather, it’s about the realization that your priorities have shifted. Your goals may not be what they were when you started out at the beginning of your journey.


So, what’s next?

Developing a LIFE strategy, THEN a financial strategy. There is no doubt that it can be a tough assignment. But, if you spend the same energy and focus towards defining your life as you have building your wealth, you will find it. You just need to make sure your financial plan is effective and functioning with the same aim as your life.




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